Tha Gates of Eddystone


Since the age of 25, Zenlee was officially diagnosed with schizo-affective disorder. He’s no stranger to law enforcement. He’s had many skirmishes with police due to violent and other acts, most of them beyond his control.

As he struggled through life between employment with his diagnosis, Zenlee met Chindalier, a convict turned business partner, in 2016. Through their chance meeting, a Record Label was started that paved the way for Zenlee’s first two albums, “Just Poetry,” and “Juxtapose.”

Zenlee knew he had to turn his life around. Time was working against him as he rushed to produce his albums. During the course of production, Zenlee had many run-ins with the law, ultimately serving time in jail for 2 months.

Along the way, he met Deseray, a Native-American friend who saved him and encountered a mutual love interest. He worked through it all, fighting “blood, sweat, tears” and successfully released his albums for the world to enjoy.

Discover the events in detail from Zenlee’s perspective as they happened during the course of his album production.

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