Global Mentality (Intro)

Zenlee | Global Mentality (Intro)

Lyrics written by: Zenlee
Produced by: Zenlee
Beat: CHill – Undisputed
Album: Juxtapose, 2021



Yo, its Zenlee
With tha muthafucking rap game
Comin’ straight atcha from Saint T
Life in the fast lane
Bustin out my rhymes
To be buildin’ up my name
This aint no trip phase
I be goin’ straight to the hall of fame
I’mma be doing this shit
To get to tha top of my game
I’mma be spitting real shit nigga
There aint no fucking shame
wanna see yall try to do
What I been doing for the past 2, 3 years
Been working real hard at my music
Spittin blood, sweat, tears
My game be world class niggas
Destined to dominate
Ya’ll hatin cuz u aint got tha talent
You be so castrate
Shut yo face
Y’all all be hell sent
I’mma be doing this music
At full climb, full ascent
It’s just me against tha world
Got tha global mentality
Ya’ll know my rap one day
Be going down in history
To get to tha top I’mma be thinkin’
Like all tha top dogs do
Got tha global mentality
To dominate all y’all hustlaz too
If ya’ll be comin’ at me with them fake shit
I’mma be sure to tell ya to suck my dick bitch
I’mma be runnin’ my shit
I’mma be ready to rule tha world
Doin’ this music
Ain’t care about no bitch girl


Think fast, act fast
That’s the global mentality
Book smart, street smart
Ready to make history
This be the global mentality

Think fast, act fast
That’s the global mentality
Play smart, hustle hard
Act versatility
This be the global mentality